S.Wine @ Publika

So finally Daniel and I visited Publika as I've been curious about this place after some friends have gone there. We were there to meet some friends for dinner. A friend chose S.Wine, which interestingly was situated within a supermarket (Ben's Independent Grocer). There was a queue and we needed to wait for at least 20 mins. While waiting, we looked at the menu. They had food that I don't see at any other typical restaurants. It was pricey though.

The restaurant was small and cozy. The ambience was quite soothing. Surprisingly it wasn't noisy and so we didn't need to raise our voice to converse.


I had pasta olio with brocolli and chorizo sausage. It was the spiciest olio I ever had. I dare say that it was as spicy as a typical asam laksa but less so compared to curry laksa. The spaghetti itself was light in taste but the sausage, a type of Spanish sausage, was filled with spices and firmer than normal sausages. Overall, this was a good combination of flavour. I definitely recommend this dish to anyone who doesn't balk at its price (think it was RM29++).

The lemongrass pandan tea was refreshing and lightly flavoured. Its aroma was authentic. The price was quite steep at RM8++ per small pot. Again, it's recommended if you're fine with the price.


Ooooh this is so useful to know.

Publika Flat White

We then moved on to the cafe within the supermarket for a cup of coffee. I had a cup of flat white. I rarely have coffee and the reason was very clear right after that because I had slight gastric. Bah. The coffee tasted fine. It had the right density. Nothing was amiss.

Publika toilet

The first two rows were pictures on the wall on the way to the toilet while the last row were pictures on the cubicle's door. This so reminds me of a mall in Singapore where each toilet on each floor and separately for each gender had a different theme/motif. Gosh, I can't remember the name of the mall.

Oh, and incidentally this dinner turned out to be our once-a-week-try-something-new routine :)
6 Responses
  1. thompsonboy Says:

    Tried it once, too expensive and food quality was so so. Never again.

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Ya, I probably won't go there again.

  3. William Says:

    Try Kopiko's L.A. Coffee. L.A. = Low Acid. :D
    I take coffee with lots of milk, cushions the acidity for me.

  4. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Kopiko? Never heard of this coffee. Where do I find it?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Wah, very pricey! -Sis