BKR 9933


Congratulations to driver of this car! You are now in contention for the award of "Most inconsiderate driver in Malaysia" for parking on two carpark bays. Your (apparently poor) driving skill and (lack of) civic-mindedness had astounded many. Wish you all the best as the number of qualifiers is increasing exponentially in this country, especially KL drivers.
2 Responses
  1. Ng Elyssa Says:

    hahahah...Although sometimes it so happens that Car A parked at Bay 1 & 2. Car B comes and park at Bay 3 & 4 (two inconsiderate drivers). When Car C comes, he has to park in between them at Bay 2 & 3. Both Car A and B leaves first and makes Car C a victim (as though he parked on two carpark bays on purpose). LOL. Just a theory and it happened to me on few ocassions too...LOL

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Ng Elyssa,
    Ooooh good point!