Dental treatment

It's been donkey years since I had my last filling. Alas, I had to do it again recently.

About a week before end of 2013, I had an unfortunate incident. I bit onto tiny bit of stone while having my meal. Normally, that isn't something to shout about but this time, it seem to hurt my teeth a little. Then it happened again during the next meal (or maybe the next next meal). Collectively, this hurt my teeth, upper and lower at the back right side, a lot.

At first, it hurt when chewing food. After a couple of days, it was fine when chewing but there was still sharp pain whenever I drank hot or cold beverage. I doubted but did hope that it was just due to the teeth suddenly gone sensitive. So I paid extra attention to those teeth when brushing with Sensodyne.

However, after about a week, the sensitivity was still there and I was getting worried that it could be tooth decay. Hence I made an appointment to see a dentist at ISmile Dental Centre. It was my first time there.

The dentist was thorough in checking the teeth concerned. There was testing with jet of air, knocking and pressing. She said that one tooth had cracked, as I had suspected. On further checking, the tooth beside the cracked tooth had cavity too. Bahhhh. Surprisingly, there wasn't anything wrong with the lower teeth.

Upon her suggestion, I agreed to have fillings done for the two teeth. If that doesn't fix the problem, then I would need root canal treatment, which I hope I won't need.

Before the treatment, she asked whether I would like her to numb the area around the teeth i.e. apply local anaesthesia. I told her I couldn't remember what it was like when I had my last filling. She said that without the anaestheisa, it would be like having the sharp pain. Oh, then I definitely need it. She said it would last for 2-3hours.

She wasn't joking when she said she was going to be conservative in the treatment. She took quite sometime to clean the teeth properly before doing the actual fillings. I'm all for it honestly because I want to save my teeth. The whole session, from checking to cleaning and filling took an hour @@

The local anaesthesia numbed the right side of my mouth so much so that water was spewing out when I tried to gargle lol. So I had to gargle with much less intensity. Boy, when it wore off, I was so glad I opted for it because I felt the toothache. If I had gone on without it, I would have been in great pain, especially given how long and how thorough the treatment was @@

So that was how I ended 2013: with a toothache. Hopefully on the next appointment she'll confirm that the treatment is successful and sufficient to address the problem.
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