Hui Lau San @Tropicana City Mall

(Update: The name of the dessert should be pomelo icy sago watermelon. I left out "watermelon" in my post below. Sorry about that.)

This is a dessert shop on the ground floor of the mall. It's been there for quite some time already. I had wanted to try its dessert a few times but the problem each time was that it wasn't appealing to me after I was full from dinner.

So one night, I felt that I had room for dessert (or greed just took over hehehe) and decided to try their daily promotion: pomelo icy sago. It's normally RM8.90 but it was RM5.90 that day (both excluding service charge and government tax).

Hui Lau San 1

Hui Lau San 2

It looks great to have on a hot weather, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, it didn't meet my expectation. The watermelon was not sufficiently sweet and I couldn't taste any pomelo in it. Quite disappointing. The only bright spot was its sago.

Overall, I believed it was fine if it was RM5.90++ but definitely not at its original price.
2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    They did not give u the right dessert. Pomelo icy sago has no watermelon.

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Gosh, good catch there. I suspect it's probably me forgetting the actual name. Perhaps it was pomelo icy watermelon sago. Sounds right...