Yama & J Japanese Restaurant @Jaya One

Yet another new restaurant that Ban and I tried after purchasing Groupon/Living Social vouchers (can't remember which one).

Unfortunately, it was off to a bad start: it was hard to read the details of food in its menu. Something about the colour combination of the background and the words. So it took us even longer than usual (compared to other new restaurants) to decide what to order.

Instead of amaebi sushi (raw sweet prawn sushi), they served me cooked prawn sushi (ebi sushi). I told them that amaebi was supposed to be raw and yet the waitress, even after talking to the kitchen staff, responded that the cooked prawn was amaebi. I was quite stumped. I then asked them what was the ebi sushi in their menu and whether that was the raw prawn. If so, why was it cheaper than amaebi sushi.

My question actually got like a whole gang in discussion: at least 3 waitresses and 3 kitchen staff. Goodness. They then admitted their mistake and after a long wait (I'm not exaggerating here) where to their credit they apologised a few times for the wait, they served the correct dish:

Yama 2

It was not juicy. Bummer.

Yama 3

The salmon in the handroll was the low grade kind. Sakae Sushi's salmon is easily better than this. Mind you, price at Yama was definitely much higher. Strangely, it was slightly spicy.

Yama 1

Yama 4

The salmon and white tuna sushi were, similar to the handroll, of low grade. Goodness, so stingy and yet charged so high.

Service was slow. We asked a waiter for green tea refill but it was obvious he forgot. There seem to be poor communication between serving staff and kitchen staff.

The only redeeming feature of this restaurant was that most waitresses were doing their best to serve. They even gave us complementary seafood soup. Spicy lol.

After paying, they offered free loyalty card that provides discount for members. I politely declined as I was sure I wouldn't go back there again. Any restaurant that cannot even beat Sakae Sushi despite charging significantly much higher price is certainly not worth dining at.
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  1. Freat post for reviewing Yama & J Japanese Restaurant, I do give them review too at
    please feel free to comments. Thanks

  2. Anonymous Says:

    My friend and I had a bad experience dine over there. It is sucks. They shouldn't claim they offer "BUFFET" as I can spell out the dishes which are offered on free flow basis. Only few types of SUSHI (mainly full with rice and cheap stuff, like cucumber ). 1 selection of fried rice, fried udon and a salted fishy "soup". They served sashimi in a stingy way, few slices of salmon/ butter fish/tamago, 2 pcs of oyster and 2 red octopus only. Gosh.. this portion is meant for 2 person. Is this called Japanese buffet which worth RM 102? Fine, I thought patrons can order from ala carte menu. Guess what, the waitress only showed me the 1 page ala carte menu upon I asked for that. On ala carte menu, they only offer HANDROLL but many are not available. Again, all rice with low grade salmon. Ironically, when I ask about what else is offered on FREE FLOW since this is a "buffet", the waitress answered me : ice cream and green tea are unlimited, you can take as much as you like!!! Arghh...... My friend and I were so disappointed with the food and it definitely not worth for money at all. WOULD NOT VISIT AGAIN and NOT RECOMMENDED

  3. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Goodness! That's horrible! Thanks for letting me (and the readers) know your experience.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Yes Jaded Jeremy, this is the worst experience. Your case is much better than me, at least the sashimi is "lay" at the bar counter and considered "Free flow". My friend and I gotta look for a reputable Japanese buffet restaurant to neutralize our "unbalanced" feeling after dined over there. (",)

  5. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Mine wasn't buffet though. I used a Groupon/Living Social voucher. For buffet, try Maiu @Damansara Perdana. I also blogged about it too.

  6. Allyza Wong Says:
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  7. Allyza Wong Says:

    Thanks Jaded Jeremy. Yes, will try one day. My friends and I will try Umai-ya @ Damansara Uptown first. The former restaurant of Maiu is Umai-ya, what a coincidence!

  8. Annie Says:

    Yesterday just dine at this so call sushi buffet restaurant.
    Terrible poor and bad foods and service.
    Don't ever go this restaurant.

  9. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Sorry you had bad experience there. You were definitely not the only one. Hopefully there won't be more.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Was there twice. Thought to give the owner a second chance. No improvement observed. There are cat and kittens also at the second time.

    Food ingredients are cheap. Amount is less and we pay higher for low quality food. Too much mayonnaise and chili sauce for salad and handroll. The concept of fusion food is not brought out.

    There are more waiters and waitresses than customers when I dined there. Despite that, the waiter stood beside our table and watched us. He didn't even offer to order or explain for us when seeing us struggle with the not properly designed menu. Worst thing was, he didn't even know what 'tamago' is! Never encountered this in a japanese restaurant!

    I also observed one customer who seem not to understand the menu and asked help from waitresses. Hah. They were chatting happily away and didn't notice that.

    I think the owner doesn't have the heart to run a restaurant. Can't feel his genuine interest in customers.

    Poor quality of food, environment and service.

  11. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    Sorry to hear that you had bad experience there. Can't believe they're still that bad.
    They now have another version called IKU Japanese Fusion Sushi. I spotted it at Damansara Uptown. Didn't dare to try though hehehe.