Looking back at 2013

It was the year I finally managed to sell my house in Seremban. Thank goodness. It was such a hassle. *shiver* I can finally channel more fund into share investment and thus make my investment portfolio less unbalanced.

Also, I finally got myself a new laptop. I'm thankful it's working well (came in good condition, phew!) and that Windows 8 isn't as scary as I thought it would be. Some preparation and googling helped a lot.

After having raised this possibility few years ago, I finally got some freelance actuarial projects from an actuary in Singapore that I know and worked with previously. So far, we have worked quite well together and for that I'm grateful. This not only supplements my rather thin income (compared to expenses) quite substantially but also let me use my actuarial skills once again and thereby not letting it go rusty for much longer.

I had my share of fun, new food, new games, new books etc. But on what truly matters, aside from the above (which are mainly related to money), 2013 has been a rather bad year personally and with other people. Don't get me wrong; it's not that people have mistreated me or something like that but it's just that bad and harrowing incidents happened of which I do not wish to experience again. It made me feel tired and sad.

So here's to a better year ahead in 2014!

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