Steamboat @Zhi Wei Yuan, Butterworth

After hearing about it from my family for at least 6 months, my sister and her husband finally had the opportunity to bring me to Zhi Wei Yuan to have steamboat. There were attempts to do so previously but didn't materialise due to circumstances.

My first concern was whether we needed to wait for seats as surely it would be crowded if it was good and inexpensive, right? Yes, it was quite crowded but there were many tables and staff there were efficient in taking order, serving food and clearing tables. Mind you, they did all these without being pushy, as some restaurants do.

Zhi Wei Yuan 1

Instead of mini-gas stove, they used charcoal. Naturally it was smokeless but the bigger question is how was it fanned to get the remaining charcoal burn?

Zhi Wei Yuan 2

Ta-da! They used this battery-operated mini-blower. Neat, eh? So cute. Took a few minutes to get the charcoal hot enough to burn on its own.

Zhi Wei Yuan 3

As with any normal steamboat, there was a base price for a standard set of food and then you could pay to add more ingredient. The soup base was between fried and non-fried fish. We had the former, which was cheaper. The soup was delicious although a little heavy for my liking. Just a little. I am keen to try the non-fried fish soup base next time.

The food was fresh and sliced/cut up well. I don't remember anything I didn't like. Only other thing noteworthy was that they ran out of eggs, which was so unusual for a steamboat restaurant. Heck, it's unusual for any restaurant I would think. My bro-in-law went home and brought 3 eggs over hehehe.

I can't remember the price but it was worth it and not expensive for a steamboat.
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