If someone is rude to you, how will you react? It will depend on the consequences of your reaction, won't it?

However, that itself will produce different reaction for each person because, among other things, it depends on how far ahead the person thinks of the consequences.

During the pen-and-paper RPG sessions I am in, there were at least a couple of rude incidents (by different people) where I was at the receiving end and these occurred without the knowledge of the rest of the people present at those times. I would like to believe that the reason I didn't react (yes, I just moved on) was because primarily I didn't want to cause severe unpleasantness during those sessions and thus spoil them, especially since I have a tendency to get angrier as I reprimand if the culprit doesn't make amend soon.

Still, at the end of the day, I felt aggrieved not only because of the rudeness inflicted upon me but perhaps more so due to my inaction to get the grievance addressed, although it was for good reasons. I also fear that one day, I will implode and the consequence would probably be far worse than it should, due to to past grievances that were not addressed.

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  1. William Says:

    Expletives work well in such situations