Whenever we are apart, Ban's daily routine goes a little haywire. He'll sleep late. Feel restless. Foggy. A simple direct explanation is that when I'm around, he usually goes to bed when I do and I usually don't sleep late (still trying to improve!). I also have my meals at regular times.

But we both know he misses me, and I miss him too :) Just that I have not noticed similar symptoms on my part until recently: my sister commented that ever since Ban left OZ and went back to KL, I was less chirpy and missing a spring in my step. Truth to be told, I was feeling a little under the weather but I do not discount the causation. How can I not miss someone who makes me laugh and feel loved every single day? Someone who smiles the moment he sees me in the morning.

I love you, honey bunny. I'll be back in a few weeks time!
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