Mr Shabu Shabu

Each time I visit my sister in Canberra, she would ask me for a wish list of food that I would like to have. On the recent trip, I asked and had lamington (from nearby bakery), lamb kebab with garlic mayo sauce from Allibaba and udon from Ka Sushi Ramen.

One day, while she and her husband were discussing dinner options for their family, she reminded me of Mr Shabu Shabu where previously I had shabu shabu and a couple of salmon sushi which I thought was good. That jolted my memory (see, sis, your memory's not bad what :) ) and I readily agreed with that dining option.

Mr Shabu Shabu 1

Mr Shabu Shabu 2

Mr Shabu Shabu 3

This time, I went for sushi only :) Yes, they were delicious although the quality control could be tighter as the sushi pieces were of different size. AUD3.50 gets you 2 pieces of salmon sushi and if I recall correctly, the 2 pieces of tuna sushi cost AUD4.00.

My sister had a plate of mixed sushi while her husband had shabu shabu, both of which they liked. For the first time, the kids looked and chose for themselves their meals :) One had chicken curry rice while the other, after some hardsell by his dad (hehehe), had shabu shabu. They boy loved their food (phew!) although they claimed they could have more after they were done @@

Well, it's definitely a place I would go again while I'm there.
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