OZ Nov15: Batemans Bay Day 1

I accepted my sister's invitation to join her family on a weekend trip (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon) to Batemans Bay in South Coast, New South Wales. It has the nearest beaches to Canberra and yes, their main intention was to play and relax on the beach.

I can't even remember the last time I've been to a beach. It could have been nearly 2 decades ago and probably one of the beaches in Sydney lol. Since I had never been the Batemans Bay before, I decided to try something new and accepted her invitation.

Batesman D1_17-21

We arrived at the holiday house on Friday past 6pm and quickly placed our stuff...and go to toilet of course :) I had time to take some pictures...of pictures and some other parts of the house. Since we were in a hurry, I intended to take more pictures before we left on Sunday (that's for another post).

The house was quite small. It had 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a small kitchen, a laundry room, a small space for the dining table and chairs, a living room that was sufficiently large but the additional feature that I didn't expect to see was the sun room (picture in the next post). It was overall a nice and clean place to stay.

Batesman D1_1

We then dropped by Village Centre to grab some grocery sufficient for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. My sister had packed some food for a meal, bread, fruits and other snacks.

Actually, my b-i-l and the twins went shopping while my sister and I walked to a Thai restaurant that my sister found on the web earlier. We were on the verge of being hungry grumpy and she began to lose her capacity to think. So need food fast!

Batesman D1_2-7

Unfortunately, weather wasn't kind to beach goers, as you can see from the photos above. It was very cloudy and cold. It looked like it was going to rain any time but luckily it didn't while we were walking.

From a distance, I saw some bird statues on some lampposts but on closer inspection, they were actual live pelicans! Wow, I didn't expect such large birds to perch on lamppost. Too used to seeing only small birds :)

Batesman D1_8-10+16

After a good 15 minutes walk, we arrived at Eat Siam. It was a cozy restaurant and nicely decorated. I was surprised to see portraits of the king and queen of Thailand on its wall. It was later we found out that the chef (and possiblly owner) and a waitress there were Thais.

Batesman D1_11-15

While waiting for the rest of the group, I decided to order Pad Thai so that my sister could grab some of it and thus satiate her hunger a little. It was, unfortunately, the wet version of Pad Thai. It looked like it was stir-fried with tomato sauce. Although similar to the one served at Black Canyon in PJ and Seremban, it was lighter in taste and thus was better.

I was surprised to see "roti" but according to my sister, it didn't taste like roti at all. Made of tapioca flour? *shrug* Another dish I didn't taste was the chicken green curry.

The star dish, as agreed by my sister and her husband, was the grilled calamari. It was succulent, tender and juicy. I rarely eat squid but I absolutely loved this!
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