OZ Nov15: Batemans Bay Day 2

Batesman D2_1

This is the sunroom at the holiday house. It was also the best place to get good internet connection on your phone :P It was where we played Boggles. I found a set at the rack and taught the kids to play it. Their parents soon joined us.

Batesman D2_2-5

The weather was once again not the beach-friendly type. Nevertheless, we checked out the nearest beach (for future refence), Corrigans Beach, which was a mere 5-min walk away. My sister and her hubby decided that it wasn't suitable for the kids to play at.

Batesman D2_6-9

The tide was fierce. Gloomy weather.

Batesman D2_11-16

We then made our long walk to the town area. We passed by some tennis courts, belonging to the local tennis club.

Batesman D2_17-19

University of Wollongong's Batemans Bay campus, which basically consisted of 2 buildings @@. A skatepark was just a short distant away. There were some skaters and cyclists around.

Batesman D2_20-23

Walking past the marina.

Batesman D2_24-27


Batesman D2_28-33

We lunched at The Starfish Deli after my sister found some good reviews of it. It looked crowded but thank goodness we had seats right away.

Batesman D2_34

The seafood platter (AUD56 for 2 pax) was delicious! I tasted everything there except for the fresh oysters. Shared this with my sister and one of my nephews.

Batesman D2_35

Pizza for my b-i-l and the other nephew. Heard that it was good.

Batesman D2_36-40

We then walked to the Mini Golf course. We purchased the Family Pack (AUD45) for 2 adults and 2 children (my sister sat this out to conserve energy for the walk back). We had plenty of fun, although at the end one of the boys were whinging about his scores lol.

After that, we had ice-cream. Remember the gloomy weather? Yes, it was getting a little colder by now and yet it was so warm in the ice-cream shop. Cunning lol.

I had Vienna coffee ice-cream. I hadn't had coffee ice-cream for a long time. It's one of my 2 favourite ice-cream (the other one is chocolate).

Batesman D2_41

I remembered to take a photo of the Eat Siam restaurant where we dined the night before. The restaurant was at the second floor of the building on the left, one top of a fish & chips shop.

Halfway through our walk, it started raining and started getting colder. Good thing we brought umbrellas and also that it wasn't as heavy as tropical rain :)

We ended the night with home-cooked dinner and games of Boggles. Such a long and tiring day but fun!

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