Robocraft: Kaevik's Kae Bone

My medic hover, Lovebeam Mercy, is currently in its 3rd version but I'm still not happy about its instability. Too many times it kept spinning around upside down and up when bumped by other bots.

So I checked out the CRF for some medic hovers, based on combat renting and/or rentals/sales. I was contemplating between 3 of them and decided to try Kaevik's Kae Bone:

Kaevik's Kae Bone 1

Kaevik's Kae Bone 2

Kaevik's Kae Bone 3

Kaevik's Kae Bone 4

It isn't shielded all around like my Lovebeam Mercy but it certainly looks tough with (what appears to be) tri-forced block spam.

It also have 8 guns and their placement is such that at least 2 guns are on the same planes. This make them quite vulnerable to plasma or rail damage given how closely they are placed to one another. I hope that there are some tri-forcing within its body that increase the pathways between the guns.

What I am particularly pleased with this bot is that there's very little gun clipping and it's easy to avoid it. All guns can also heal any bots flying/hovering above Kae Bone, but of course this also means all of them can be targeted by fliers.

Kaevik's Kae Bone 5

Kaevik's Kae Bone 6

Kaevik's Kae Bone 7

It was a mixed bag for the first few battles but later on I won more than I lost. So far, I like this bot. More stable than my Lovebeam Mercy, more healing due to gun placement (thus less clipping) and quite tough too. I should especially consider its gun placement when I remake Lovebeam Mercy.
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