OZ Nov15: Batemans Bay Day 3

We were supposed to check out at 10.30am on our third day but upon enquiry, the holiday house owner allowed us to check out late because she didn't have consecutive bookings. Hooray!

What made it even sweeter was the weather finally reverted to its expected sunny-beach-friendly temperament :) So we drove to Surf Beach and found this scene:

Batemans D3_1

Batemans D3_2

Batemans D3_3

Oh yes, it looked like a beautiful day for beach goers. I tried the water but it was shockingly cold for me lol. The constant wind was not helping either, with sand and water droplets clouding my glasses @@.

It was relaxing though, doing nothing but just watching...except I did something later. It has to do with these:

Batemans D3_4

Batemans D3_5

Batemans D3_6

I chased the seagulls for a while to protect our food and picnic mat hehehe. It was silly but quite fun :)

We had some seafood from the nearby fish & chips shop for lunch. It was delicious and reasonably priced too.

Although my sister's family enjoyed this beach visit, I wouldn't choose to repeat this again. It's not that I was miserable. It's just not for me. The cold water, the chilly breeze, the windblown sand + moisture. Nah, not for me.

It was overall a fun enjoyable mini-vacation within my vacation :)
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