Closer to coming out

The urge to come out to my parents is getting stronger each time I think about it once in a while. My main reservation is the potential of disturbing the "peace". After decades of ups and downs, we have come to a stable state, so to speak. Internal strife is minimal and next year we'll be entering a new phase of "financial support arrangement".

It is, however, getting tedious to maintain this charade. I so want to introduce Ban to them as my partner and it would be much easier to speak with them from then on about us (rather than being "housemates") and our activities e.g. going on holidays together as we did recently. I am also thinking about the future where Ban and I may move to another state or even another country.

I'm quite sure my mum would be ok but I'm uncertain about my dad. My dad was of the traditional China-man type but he has come a long way to change his ways. I'm just afraid this is just one too many "modern" phenomenon that he's willing to accommodate. Even worse, he may start thinking that it's better to revert to "traditions". I don't know :(

The timing may be questionable as well. Besides the above new phase, there may be a major relocation for Ban and I and consequently a different lifestyle. But if I wait for the "right" timing, it may never come because I may be less courageous by then. I should just do it when I feel sufficiently courageous, shouldn't I? @@
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  1. thompsonboy Says:

    Timing is everything so it's ok to take your time. As long as you have demostrated that you have a good relationship and happy, they would be happy for you. Also sometimes certain things are understood, you don't even need to come out. More often than not, parents already knew.

  2. Jaded Jeremy Says:

    zerachiel, thompsonboy,