Sorethroat, phlegm, cough: its back!

If I have been diligently blogging my illness, then it would seem that it was more than a year ago since I had this sequence of symptoms. I started having sorethroat 4 days ago. It was as though the throat was badly scalded or something (maybe by acid reflux?). On a hunch, I went to see a doctor, who prescribed me anti-histamine, anti-inflammation and a  short course of antibiotic.

Unfortunately the illness proceeded on the same path as a year ago:

1. Sorethroat
2. Sorethroat worsened, sneezing
3. Bad sorethroat, runny nose
4. Sorethroat less painful, runny nose, phlegm accumulation while lying down
5. Sorethroat, white thick mucus causing sinus pressure, phlegm accumulation, post-nasal drip
6. Sorethroat, yellow thick mucus causing sinus pressure, phlegm accumulation, post-nasal drip, cough, fever (new!)

Didn't have proper sleep past few nights due to phelgm and backdrip. Had to try to rest as much while sitting up :(

Once again, I suspect the anti-inflammation was causing excessive amount of phlegm production and so I stopped taking it. Coincidentally or not, phlegm was progressively getting lesser. I should remember to stop the doctor from prescribing this medicine to me.

I've been drinking lots of honey. Also, upon Ban's suggestion, I did a few sinus rinse which did help in getting rid of the mucus stuck inside. A relative recently reminded me of gargling with warm water with salt.

Oh gosh, I hope I'll get well very soon because I have a Christmas potluck (and secret gift exchange) to attend and a brunch with my aunties.

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